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What is Kryptox?

Blockchain made simple

Smart compression

Save up your valuable time and bandwidth and maximize your uploading speed.


Data is immediately accessible after uploading process.

Store at hypercompetitive prices

A superior network

Provable authenticity and security

Maximize your data security

Protect your data at all times

Create the future of cloud storage with Kryptox and become a part of the Kryptox worldwide community. Kryptox protects your right of data privacy at all times.


Unlimited storage 3

Unlimited bandwidth

Unlimited Speed

Per file size limit

512 MB per file

8 GB (8,192 MB) per file


Frequently asked questions

Centralization of data means that providers have access to your personal and private data without you even knowing it. They often times use your data for commercial purposes without your permission. Kryptox will change that by giving the users the total control over their without any third party involved.

To protect your data with password protection you first need to upload your data into the blockchain network. You can do that by simply upload it into the Kryptox Platform which will than automatically transfer it to the bockchain. In that uploading process you have the option to choose a password protection for your data so it is stored encrypted on the blockchain. Every segment of the splited data gets encrypted so you have multiple layers of security in place to protect your data from loss or hacks.

There is no centralized server or data center which stores your data. Instead the data gets stored on the worldwide decentralized blockchain network which makes it the most secure way of storing data online permanently.

Kryptox operates as a transparent and secure platform and system. It will always encrypt your data, which than can be decrypted by a specific recipient key password.

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